Alex Young

Dear Mr. Jones,

In September 2012, my wife and I became the delighted owners of a new home in La Canada Flintridge. I would have written sooner to complement you on your excellent team members Julie Milbrodt, Denise Johnson, and Judy Sutherland, who represented us, but life events kept us busy, which life events figured into our experience with Julie and Denise and about which I will explain later.

We began our home search in January 2012. I solicited recommendations for agents specifically for the La Canada market. Two of those recommendations were for Julie and Denise. We received recommendations for three other agents and decided to interview one of them and Julie and Denise. Based upon their knowledge of the La Canada market and genial nature, we “signed up” with Julie and Denise. We were buying in the ‘sweet spot” range of home prices in a small city with high demand. Demand only increased throughout our purchase horizon, so buying wasn’t easy. Inventory is not abundant in La Canada. We entered escrow on a home at the end of March 2012 but fell out about a month later because of an impasse over a previously undisclosed property defect and related liability to a third party. In short, it was a bad experience. Rather than lose momentum or exhibit deal fatigue, Julie and Denise kept on track with showing us homes and we entered escrow again at the end of August 2012 on the home we now own.

This purchase timing was critical because my wife was expecting our first child in December and we could not take possession of the home until mid-October 2012. Since the home was a single owner home, we had to complete some renovations. Our first night together in our new house was the day that we came home from the hospital with our daughter Lilly on December 19, 2012. Things fell in place just in time. Julie and Denise kept us on pace and have continued to show kindness to our family.

I have developed a rapport with Julie and Denise and refer to them as the “Wonder Twins” or the “Power of Two”. Throughout the transaction, they were responsible, proactive, attentive, available, supportive, patient, and insightful. About Judy, she regularly got back to me on any questions or request in a prompt manner. The service from the three of them is consistent and seamless. I could regularly reach at least one of them and there was never a time when either Julie or Denise wasn’t familiar with where the transaction stood when the other was unavailable. They were a pleasure to work with – professional, tasteful, and courteous. As a result of my experience with Julie and Denise, I have recommended them to friends.

You have a strong team in Julie, Denise, and Judy. Needless to say, they have my gratitude for representing us in our purchase. However, it goes further in that I believe their manager should know of the excellent experience we had with them.

Very truly yours,
Alex Young

— Alex Young