Mark & Michelle

To Whom It May Concern;

It is both an honor and privilege to write this letter in enthusiastic support of Denise and Julie as Realtors. Over the past two years, I have come to understand the true gifts these two women possess and how their relationship is not simply additive, but exponential in effectiveness. They frankly seem more like sisters than mother and daughter. They make each other laugh, enjoy each other’s company, finish the other’s sentences, and have the uniquely complementary relationship typically only seen in twins. This makes an unusually powerful transaction team as one of them is always available and the transition of information amongst them is seemingly effortless and often unspoken.

Michelle and I spent a fair amount of time deciding on Realtors. We had originally purchased in La Canada via a Pasadena realtor, but La Canada is a special community and our realtor did not understand the nuances of such a quaint town. When it was time to sell our house, we wanted La Canada natives, experienced and energetic, with an understanding of the culture and unique footprint of this place. We met Denise and Julie at a neighborhood barbeque, but never knew of their occupations until months later. When we asked them for their opinion on our pending sale, they spent as much time asking us about our children, our parents, and our jobs as they did on the square footage of our master bedroom or the quality of our bathroom fixtures. They understood that the key to a smooth transaction is not simply the objective value of bricks and mortar, but more important, how the seller and buyer may view the same property differently. Understanding this, they are able to find common ground between seller and buyer and develop personal relationships on both sides that provide the momentum necessary to close the deal. These are rare talents and both women carry these with a sense of humility, compassion, and grace. Our selection of Denise and Julie to represent us was natural and they accepted our invitation despite the fact that we had significant scheduling restrictions inherent to a busy family of five.

The true test of any relationship is typically during times of duress. The sale of our home was no different. This economy and changes in the banking industry have created a far more challenging atmosphere. Loan structure and attainment are much more difficult and each offer must be appropriately massaged given the limited pool of qualified buyers. In our situation, when one potential buyer in escrow dropped out due to financial constraints, Denise and Julie were able to calmly and quickly maneuver us into a second escrow within two days. In fact, they presented the situation so favorably that the second buyer elevated their offer past their prior limit; thus, securing an overall better price.

As we settle into our new home, I am reminded of their unflappable dedication to their clients. Sadly, during the closing week of our recent purchase, Denise and Julie lost their mother and grandmother, respectfully. As I can only imagine, this must have been an incredibly emotional time and I personally would struggle to concentrate on anything other than the loss of someone so dear to me. Yet, both understood the critical importance of availability during our escrow completion and one of them was in the office and in contact with us everyday during that time. I would never have asked them to sacrifice in such a way, yet they don’t see this as a sacrifice. To them, it is simply honoring a commitment they make to their clients to do the best job possible.

On behalf of my wife and my family, I can unabashedly give the highest level of recommendation for Denise and Julie. We were ecstatic to have them represent us in the largest financial transaction in our lives and now we are even more pleased to call them our friends.

Mark M. Urata, M.D., D.D.S.
Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Keck School of Medicine of USC

Michelle S. Park, M.D.
Internal Medicine

— Mark & Michelle